Take A Quick Look At Common Applications Of Overrunning Clutch

Freewheel Clutch

The clutch is an important component and is placed between the input shaft and the driving motor to the device. It allows the device to start and stop quickly and conveniently. Overrunning clutch is mostly used to freewheel in a single direction when driving in another rotation direction. Overrunning Clutch is used in different applications such as aerospace, indexing, agriculture, industrial metal processing, and others. The clutch disconnects the driveshaft from driven shafts if the driven shaft rotates quickly. There are different types of overrunning clutch available in the market such as roller ramp, wedge styles, sprag, wrap spring, and others.

Applications of overrunning clutch

An overrunning clutch lets the rotating parts spin quickly when the actual driving part. It offers the driving force that engages when driven RPM exceeds the RPM driving component. This type of clutch is highly robust and also extremely powerful. There are lots of applications for overrunning clutch. Here are some applications:

Torque converter

With the help of the transmission fluid, the torque converter transfers the rotation of the engine efficiently to the transmission. The torque converter design is manufactured by placing the reactor between the turbine, pump, and others. Inside reactors are a one-way clutch linked to centerline shafts. This type of clutch is vital in the torque converter because the motion from the rotate quickly when compared to the turbines. The fluid leaving the turbine travel towards tries and reactor that turns it opposite of the engine pumps.

Automatic transmissions

An automobile transmission requires clutches to connect and separate gears without hassle. Sprag clutches are perfect that permit the gear to transition medium to heavier load effectively and without trouble. It needs the shift to having one clutch synchronized engagement when separating the other gear. The coordinated engagement events are made possible by this clutch that releases if the force of the reaction is not required longer.

Helicopter rotors

Rotors on the helicopter are important components that permit the helicopter to take off. Besides, it also allows the helicopter moves in different directions through the airfoil. Freewheel Clutch separates the engine from the rotor when the RPM of the engine is lower than the RPM of the rotor. This unit allows the rotor to continue turning at average speeds of flight.